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rubies, Vintage Antique Pearl Ruby and Diamond Bird Brooch in Nest



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I've never seen anything quite like this, it was my Grandmothers and my mom has asked me to sell a few things of hers for her.I researched it for hours and found nothing. There are no markings on the piece, but upon close inspection with a loupe, I believe it to be 10-15ct gold.I believe the stones in the wings are very old rose cut diamonds and the eyes are square cut rubies. I suppose the rubies could be synthetic and the diamonds could be white sapphire, but I really think they are diamonds. The pearl is real and is about 8mm, nice luster.You can see the tool marks upon inspection with a loupe and the weaving of the basket is so intricate. I would guess this is a one of a kind since it was hand made.The pin is in perfect working order and is very secure since you have to pull out the end to get it to unlatch., 10ct

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