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unique, ON SALE One of a kind Natural Ethiopian Opal Rough Nugget Ring size 7 unique pretty natural untreated gemstone rare



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One of a kind sterling silver ring made with rough nugget of Ethiopian welo opal.Size 7.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Opal Gemstone meaningOpal was formed many millions of years ago, when a combination of silica and water flowed into cracks and spaces in the ground. This then gradually hardened and solidified to become opal. Opals contain water, which makes them very sensitive to heat. They are soft and can be cracked or chipped easily. Opals should be stored in moist absorbent cotton.Yellow Opal is a stone of emotional stability. It is often used to amplify positive emotions. It is useful in balancing the crown chakra.The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the "stone of the Gods".Ancient Romans associated opal with hope and good luck., untreated gemstone

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